Oberto / Plaid – Matin Lunaire : Q&A (English)

Matin Lunaire

Oberto / Plaid – Matin Lunaire (Wide screen + HD is even better)

When you see a short movie with a beautiful girl, some crazy neon tunnels and a Plaid soundtrack, you know that’ll be one of the videos of the year. This is not an real interview, cause we didn’t stayed talking for hours around beers, but I found important to have some precisions from the guys who created this video…

when we talk about ginger girl, sad dancefloors, early mornings, strip clubs and Reachy Prints :



– Why being involved in this project, and why being interested to work with a nearly anonymous french guy ?

(Plaid) We did a little research and thought Clément’s work was of a high standard. The project outlined was interesting. We enjoy working to film, so we were happy of the opportunity.

– What is the idea about this short movie, and why ask plaid to do the music, especially at a time when a new album was not even planned ?

(Oberto) Matin Lunaire is this precise moment where the moon is still in the sky in the early morning. A moment so confusing that you don’t even know if it’s a new dawn or the night rising. That’s what I wanted to show, with the metaphor of a Ginger girl waking up, discovering herself and at last disappearing in this dark tunnel.
Why Plaid ? Well, I’m a huge fan of the band for years now. Tekkonkinkreet soundtrack was mindblowing. White’s Dream, for exemple, is amazing. This track was actually used as a basis for our collaboration on Matin Lunaire. The fact that an album was planned or not wasn’t important at first.

– Tekkonkinkreet, Heaven’s Door, now Matin Lunaire. Seems that your music had a story itself, and not just made for soundscaping ?

(Plaid) With all the film projects you mention, we’ve worked closely with the director. Translating the direction given into music isn’t an exact science but we do our best to complement the director’s vision.

– I heard there is a pretty cool story about the girl in the movie, and the way you casted her ?

(Clement) I’ve discovered Lauren through Marielle Loubet’s Facebook, who’s the make up artist on Matin Lunaire. It was like, 4 years ago… I saw her in a tiny picture and ten minutes after I was writing an email, asking her to work with me. It was like an évidence. Well, at that time, I didnt knew that she was living in New-York and that I would have to wait 3 years to work with her !

– Seems that there’s a duality between “positive-melancholia” and clubbing in your work, like in this two parts of Matin Lunaire, in some Plaid’s tracks (IO, Nafovanny, Unbank, Marry…) Is there something important in this duality ? Clubbing would not just be a place to get fucked-up?

(Plaid) Clubbing can be fun and a very positive experience but the party can’t last forever ! Writing can be similarly positive, aspirational but the spaces that are created are also transient, a hint of sadness can creep in.

(Oberto) Essence of clubbing is to loose yourself in the music. Get fucked-up is definitely a good way to do it, but there is some beauty in the club, like the pretty girl wasted in a giant couch, or the guy dancing, lost in his thoughts, eyes closed. There is something like that in Matin Lunaire, when everything is collapsing and there is no party anymore, you just find yourself in a sea made of lasers and strobe lights. The neon tunnel in the video is the step beyond this “melancholia in club” duality.

– How did the Matin Lunaire track ended in the new album, especially when we know that is was made for the movie?

(Plaid) We liked the track and were compiling the album over a similar period to it’s completion. It complemented the other material we were collecting and we felt it was strong enough to be included.

– Talking about the tracklist, your new album is way more straightforward and packed than your other LPs. Lots of album those years are way shorter and cohesive now, as if the new ways of listening music shortened LPs. It is something you had in mind for Reachy Prints ?

(Plaid) Not Really… The initial drafts of the album were longer ! We dropped 3 tracks in the end. They didn’t fit with this collection for various reasons and we felt the album was stronger without them.

– There is lots of reactions/questions about Reachy Print artwork, what’s the story behind it?

(Plaid) Memory is something we’ve reflected on with this album. The image represents a turning point in the artists life, a life or death situation, a strong memory. It seemed to fit well with Reachy Prints.

– Ok, weird question, back in the club topic : one day i’ve heard a plaid track in a strip/sm club, during a show. Found that amazing, but friends/people told me that playing this kind of music in those places was depreciating the track/artists…

(Plaid) These associations are made in the minds of the listener, the music remains the same. Everyone is free to build their personal view of the world. If someone has freely chosen this experience it is most likely because they enjoy it. What could be bad about being associated with enjoyment ?

– Talking about associations, we’re seeing now lots of hiphop artists sampling Plaid, BOC, Aphex… You guys always felt those connections?

(Plaid) Well we come from a Hip Hop background and have written with friends under the name Kushti. There’s a distinction between Hip Hop and Rap. The electro music that first inspired us would, at the time, have been classed as Hip Hop. We don’t feel restricted to any genre, we have personal taste but the labels are written after the music is made.

– Whats next ?

(Plaid) We’ll be touring the album for the next few months !

(Oberto) video clips, short movies and travels

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